Improving Leader Skills To Have Creative Thinking For Business


Quality leaders are creative leaders. You can determine whether a leader is creative or not through the conditions of his business. For example Larry Page founder of Google and Steve Jobs founder of Apple. They are examples of creative leaders who continue to develop businesses beyond the reach of human thought. The result? You can see Google branches or Apple stores everywhere.

How about you? Are you also a creative leader? Find Out Strategies to Improve Your creative thinking Skills Here

Every Company Needs Creative Leaders!

Every company needs a creative leader to encourage innovation. As a leader as well as a businessman, you need creativity in running a business. You are required to be a visionary leader who looks forward.

Your level of creativity will determine how far your product or service can innovate. Remember that creative leaders will develop their products or services to meet the needs of society and compete in the market.

Not only from the innovation of goods and services but creativity is also seen in the innovation of the system. Creative leaders can not stand to see a stagnant work system and will continue to experiment to find a company system that is suitable and comfortable for employees and customers. Thus, employee involvement and loyalty to the company are increasing.

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Honing Creativity in the Work Environment

As a leader, you must hone your creativity so that you can continue to innovate for the company. The following are some effective exercises that you can apply at work to exercise your leadership creativity.


Observation is a way to build creativity by observing the conditions or the surrounding environment. You can make observations by observing the office environment, employee conditions, and your product or service on the market.

Apart from that, you can also read books, watch television, listen to the radio, or see other people’s experiences to get more information, especially those related to current business conditions.


Brainstorming or brainstorming is an important action to take before planning. In the brainstorming process, you and your employees are encouraged to think outside the box.

You can brainstorm by getting your employees together and asking for their opinion on the project or system being worked on. In this way, you will get brilliant ideas that were previously unthinkable.


Modification is the act of updating a previous idea to become more interesting. Before modifying a product, service, or business system, you can start by changing your routine first.

For example, if you usually go to work by car, then now you can try to use a bicycle or motorbike to avoid traffic jams. Another example is to attach the glass to the wallet to make it easier to dress up. Such small changes will slowly stimulate the creativity of your brain.

Be a creative leader to be able to compete in the global world. Remember that the progress of your efforts is determined by your every action. The more often you practice your creativity, the more creating and innovating will become your habit.

Leadership Steps That Make Employees Creative

If you talk about creativity, you will associate it with art or imagination which has nothing to do with work productivity in the company. Though creativity is a broad concept and when applied in the work environment can have a significant impact. There is strong evidence to suggest that creativity can be taught just like any other type of skill.

What needs to be done is that the environment must be supportive to teach the creative process and grow original ideas. As a leader in a company, you can take 4 leadership steps that make employees creative. Here is a full explanation for you.

Invite them to identify problems and learn to solve them

Problems or obstacles will always be faced by every company and employees must have the ability to overcome these problems. Practice creative thinking to solve any problems that arise. Think about every corner of the problem to find the best solution.

Focusing on One Task First

If your work environment implements multitasking activities in it, then start now to change it. Employees will not be able to fully focus when they are doing other tasks at the same time.

Multitasking often occurs because it is not uncommon for these tasks to be completed within a predetermined time. Work is limited by deadlines and progress reports that must be completed immediately.

Excessive work like the example above will create stress and this is a factor inhibiting the creative thinking process. Create a work environment that allows employees to do one job at a time and focus.

When this is done, the work environment felt by employees will be better and will subsequently affect their productivity.

Teach Employees About The Importance Of Developing Skills

Many companies don’t care about employee development and upgrading their skills. This can happen because the company does not budget funds to train employees. Whereas investing in employee development is important to create a better work culture.

Seeing Various Perspectives On Every Problem That Arises

Companies must have many people with different educational backgrounds. This can be used to invite them to develop new and fresh perspectives from different perspectives. Handle each problem with a different solution in the work environment.

Create a Work Culture That Allows Employees to Challenge Leadership

Challenging leadership here does not mean betraying and doing wrong to authority. The point is that every employee can provide ideas and ideas for changes that are beneficial for the company. This work culture is quite difficult to implement at first, but if you want employees to be able to think creatively, this is something you need to do.

The steps outlined above can help your leadership create a more creative work environment. The positive impact of creativity is better productivity than before.

The most important thing for every employee to do is always improve their abilities and skills. This can be done by reading books, listening to audiobooks, and attending training, and also workshops.