How email marketing can help your real estate business

Whether you work as an independent realtor or with a well-known real estate organization, you know how important marketing is in this industry. With several scammers lurking around, you need to be cautious with the brand’s authenticity.

Affiliate marketing and social media marketing are great ways to reach a larger audience, but you should also consider email marketing as the primary means of creating conversions. In this article, you will learn how these email marketing strategies help in improving your real estate business.


Why is it better than other strategies?

You can sum up the answer in just three words,

  • Audience reach
  • Time-saving
  • Effective connections


You can reach out to as many professionals as possible. Email marketing lets you connect to the masses on a personal level. And, you can control who will receive your emails and how! 

Do you know? 92% of the realtors (big or small) use email as their primary source of communication, and 93% use it regularly! Here are some techniques to make your email look pleasant and appealing.


Make a list

You must already have a list of potential and existing clients. Update them and find new ones using email search tools like This AI-powered tool has a Chrome extension to LinkedIn as well as Gmail that lets you find and validate email addresses within seconds!

Hence, answering your question about how to find email addresses easily! Once you get the contacts, separate them as per the demographics so you can customize emails as per their interests. Other ways to create the list can be through referrals, casual meetups, embedded opt-in forms etc.


The consistency

An email for every new subscriber and a reminder email to all the old ones are the usual string of emails that every professional sends. However, these are the secrets of a successful email campaign. A welcome email has an 86% open rate – which is way higher than any other type of email. 

A welcome email doesn’t have to be only one but a thread of a few. Send these in regular intervals, and you can expand the period after a while. However, decide on the frequency for each stage. Use automation tools to plan and schedule the emails in advance. 


The aesthetics

How email looks to the recipient is very crucial for them to show interest in your business. Keep the conversation personal, light and friendly. Nobody wants to wake up reading a gloomy email. Ensure that the information that you share is relevant and easy to understand.

Insert a call-to-action button in the email, making it easy for the reader to visit your website and scroll through different pieces of information. While entertaining the people is significant, do not miss a chance to educate them. The audience appreciates when they learn any new information!


Final thoughts

Do you know? 88% of the clients believe the online testimonials as much as the references from friends and family! Hence, add positive testimonials in the email – though having them on your website is a given rule. 

It is not wrong to divert your email marketing traffic to other marketing channels. When the audience gets to explore more, they feel more confident about the brand. So, do not hesitate to divert them to other social media channels and websites!