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United Mobile Group, Machiyara Group of companies and the ownership of KEENU is currently under enquiry by the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) on account of involvement in Money Laundering, illegal Mortgages, Fake bank accounts, Undeclared Offshore and local businesses/properties/assets, Smuggling and Massive Tax Evasion vide Enquiry no. 113/2021, Enquiry no. 23/2015, Enquiry no. 1/2014 and Enquiry no. 35/2013 and multiple other complaints which are under verification and will soon be converted into enquiries. Copies of these complaints and enquiries are attached in this email. List of business entities of United Mobile and Machiyara Group has been attached in this email including undeclared offshore businesses.

Ownership of KEENU (Wemsol Pvt. Ltd.), Machiyara Group and United Mobile Group have decades long history of Money Laundering, Smuggling and maintaining innumerable Fake Bank Accounts under the names of their employees causing loss to the Exchequer in Billions. Details and list of fake bank accounts used by United Mobile and Machiyara Group with billions in annual turnover are attached in this email for your reference. Enquiries for the mentioned fake bank accounts are under investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Ownership of KEENU has also been involved in illegal mortgage of properties (evidence annexed as attachment) where they violated court orders and mortgaged properties which were submitted in the court on the direction of the then chief justice of high court Mr. Musheer Alam regarding their pending civil litigation vide Suit no. 323/2012 in the Sindh High Court. Not only that but even the title of these properties was not with United Mobile Group or its ownership and they illegally mortgaged these properties being held in contempt of court.

Ownership of Wemsol / KEENU’s involvement in Smuggling and Money Laundering was endorsed and verified by the globally renowned and credible business institution of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). United Mobile Group’s distribution was cancelled by NOKIA on account of on account of United Mobile Group’s involvement in illegal smuggling of Nokia phones using the GREY channel. United Mobile filed a frivolous lawsuit against Nokia (Microsoft at the time) for recovery of damages in the Court of International Arbitration (Finland) vides ICC Case No. 21876/FS. United Mobile lost the case against Nokia as it was established through the ICC Final Award that United Mobile was importing (Smuggling) Nokia and other phones from Dubai using Grey Channels and funding it through Money Laundering. United Mobiles was also charged a penalty of more than USD 1 million by ICC under case No. 21876/FS for misleading the tribunal vide its award dated 28.07.2017. This case is still pending in the court of Pakistan. Details of the case are attached for reference.

Mention of smuggling of phones by a credible and globally acknowledged body of International Chambers of Commerce speaks volumes about the credibility of United Mobile Group and the ownership of KEENU (Wemsol). ICC mentions on the last page of its award a difference of USD 95,817,534 in the official imports of United Mobile Group and their annual turnover. At the time, United mobile was exclusively distributing and selling Nokia phones in Pakistan and they mentioned to the court annual turnover amount of USD 130 million out of which Nokia claimed that United Mobile Group had purchased only USD 30 million worth of stock from Nokia which leaves United mobile group with around USD 100 million worth of smuggled phones annually and financing it through Money Laundering Channels.  Ownership of KEENU and United Mobile Group was using their undeclared offshore companies in Dubai (UAE) to smuggle phones and for illegal re-export of goods as well.

Details of all the cases, enquiries, businesses, owners, fake bank accounts etc are attached for your reference. All the evidences provided and incidents quoted are merely 5% of what the Machiyara Group and ownership of KEENU has been up to since inception the rest of evidence will be collected by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Federal Board of Revenue, FATF and Anti-Corruption Bodies in Pakistan. The owners of the group also enjoy Dual nationalities to flee from Pakistan at any time when they are convicted by authorities in Pakistan.