Selling an Apartment in Boston

In the recent years, Boston has seen a surge in the real estate market. This has made it difficult to sell or rent out the property by yourself because of saturation in the market. Before you set out to sell your property, visit some real estate websites to get an idea of how the market is doing. Analyze the situation before selling.

The Boston real estate is beyond competitive. However, this doesn’t guarantee an easy sale. It is therefore advisable to hire a licensed real estate agent to help

When is the best time to sell?

The day that you pick to put your home on the market really matters a lot. If you want to sell your apartment quickly and at a good price, you should list your home between May 16th and May 31st. During this period, homes sell around 12 days faster than usual and at a 1.3{c6de8fe0fc9b7e4d9fe3f6badca3694a5560501ab88ef73be22d08b2cafb1b10} higher rate.

Today’s market is greatly influenced by low inventory. Low inventory affects the ideal time to list. Mid-March and mid-April used to be the best time for sellers to list because houses used to sell quickly and at higher prices.

By listing making listings further into the shopping season, as a seller, you will attract buyers who are more than willing to make a purchase and even pay a little bit more extra.

It is not advisable to sell property in late summer or fall.



Boston’ Real Estate Market

Boston is the sixth most expensive place to sell a home in the United States. In the East Coast, Boston takes the first position. It’s a sellers’ market out here!

Homeowners need to come up with a proper plan before they can list their property. Prepping a home for sale takes so much time and costs money as well. Declutter your Boston apartments before you put you put them up for sale. Some costs that you may be responsible for are:

  1. Closing Costs
  2. Prep Costs


Sellers Guide

If you are looking to sell your Boston apartments, here is a guide to take you through the process:

  1. Hire an Expert

Getting an experienced agent to walk with you through the selling process will help you come out victorious in the highly competitive real estate market. Find an agent that has a good reputation so that they can be able to add value.

  1. Be competitive

Figure out what strategy you will use to make your property stand out. Make sure that your marketing will create a good first impression to your potential buyers. Only use high quality pictures of the property.  Look at your property that is in the market through the eyes of a potential customer.

  1. Make sure the price is right

Make sure that your property is priced correctly. Overpricing your property will leave it unsold for weeks. You might get no offers at all if the property is too overpriced.

Do not waste people’s time with unnecessary negotiations.

  1. Watch out for common pitfalls

As a seller, do not be too fast to jump on a deal without doing your due diligence. Do not jump too fast on a deal that seems too good to be true. Most of the time, it is just that.