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We know that Fujifilm is aiming to launch a 20-35mm wide-angle zoom and 55mm f/1.7 lens for its GFX cameras in 2022. But there may be also speculation, primarily based on a document from a couple of years ago, that DJI is planning to launch a model new medium format digital camera based on the Hasselblad X1D chassis. If so, it would simply bring a new focus to video shooting that is been absent on Hasselblad’s earlier fashions. Naturally, our smartphones are still a number of years away from having the flexibility to reliably compete with the larger sensors and high-quality optics of mirrorless cameras. But the fast enhancements we noticed in their ‘Portrait modes’ are coming to computational video, and we’ll likely see its subsequent strides in 2022.

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And they’re additionally nice if you’re a purist who believes that images should not be manipulated, and likes their digicam’s rendition simply as it is. You get the same image quality choice if you save a photograph as a JPEG in an image-editing program like Photoshop. Here, you might get a selection of Low, Medium, High or Max quality, or a setting out of 10 . It’s the identical precept – the upper the setting, the better the quality but the bigger the file. With a Fine-quality JPEG, the chances are you gained’t be in a position to see any picture degradation in any respect with the bare eye. Low-quality JPEGs will start to show some degradation, but generally it’s a necessary evil – if you need to ship a picture over a slow web connection for instance.