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A building contractor or remodeler license is required for anyone who contracts directly with a homeowner to provide building construction services in more than one skill area. Higher-tiered contractor” means a prime contractor or subcontractor who has entered into an oral or written agreement with a lower-tiered subcontractor pursuant to which the lower-tiered subcontractor has agreed to provide work, materials or equipment for a work of improvement.

The Hirer agree to hire the Contractor for service by lump sum payment and the Contractor agree to provide such service by assigning the its Staff, who posses certain qualification as stipulated in the Hirer’s objective and policy, to work in position as determined by the Hirer at the Hirer’s office or other place as designated by the Hirer.ContractorContractor

NRS 624.265 Good character of applicant or licensed contractor and certain associates; grounds for establishment of lack of good character; background investigation; confidentiality of results of background investigation; fee for processing fingerprints; Board may obtain criminal history.

This was the term used by major professional, trade, and consumer organizations when issuing contracts for construction work, and thus the term ‘general contractor’ fell out of use except in large organizations where the main contractor is the top manager and a general contractor shares responsibilities with professional contractors.

The Applicant is requesting to re-plat Lot 156 of the Villages of Sugar Ridge Subdivision— specifically, the Applicant is seeking to: 1) create 22 single-family homes in accordance with the Parcel C” standards outlined in the approved Concept Development Plan for the P.U.D.; and 2) obtain 2 waivers pertaining to sidewalks, curbs, and gutters not being installed within the development area.