7 Things You Should Know Before Renting a Private Yacht

If you are looking to rent a private yacht in Miami FL, then you’re in the right place. There’s a lot to know and a lot that goes into renting a private yacht for an occasion. Renting a private yacht can be a great idea for many people, but being prepared in every way possible can make your experience much better. We’re going to share with you seven different things that you should know before renting a private yacht from etiquette to pricing in order to give you as much information as possible.

Things You Should Know

When it comes to renting a private yacht, it’s best to know everything you can before going through with it. Knowing pricing, what to expect, etiquette, and more will help you best pack and prepare for your yacht vacation. Our goal is to give you 7 things that you need to know before private yacht rental in Miami, FL.

Private Yacht Rental in Miami FL Cost?

Private yacht rentals in Miami FL can vary in price depending on what type of boat you’re on, how big it is, how many people you have with you, and how long you’ll be renting the boat for. On average a private yacht rental in Miami FL starts at $1,500 per day, typically hosting up to 12 people. For high-end luxury yacht rentals it can be up to $19,000 a day for a rental hosting 12 people.

Look At Your Options

There are a lot of different types of yachts to choose from. Typically they are based on size, for example, a 75-foot yacht, and there are also luxury yachts or regular yachts. Regardless, it’s important to look through all the options of the different yachts that you can choose from so that you ensure you’re choosing the best one based on your party size, itinerary, and how long you will be staying.

Private Yacht Etiquette

IF you’ve never been on a private yacht, then you might not know how things work around there, so it’s important to know how to behave. For example, one of the biggest rules of a yacht is the barefoot policy. You will be asked to put your shoes in a basket upon entering the yacht as shoes aren’t allowed on the yacht itself.

Passenger Limit

Most private yachts do have a  passenger limit on them and a lot of the time, it is 12 people. It’s important that when planning your private yacht rental you know the requirements and limits that come with your yacht. Calling the company or person that you’re renting from can give you information on what your limit is for how many guests you may bring.

How Long You’re Going

Knowing how long you are planning on being on the yacht is very important. This is to determine the price of renting the private yacht in Miami, FL and slo just to know so you can plan the rest of your trip. Some yachts might have a minimum or a maximum limit or they may have packages with a price for a certain amount of nights.


One benefit of renting a private yacht in Miami FL is the opportunity to do many different things. There are options for island hopping, skiing, snorkeling, and other yacht and water-related activities. Planning ahead and creating a plan for activities can keep your trip feeling fresh and fun the whole time.

Will There Be A Crew On The Private Yacht?

There will be a crew on your private yacht depending on the person, location, and size of the yacht. For larger yachts they will definitely have a crew on board that will manage the ship and the guests. It is common to tip the crew aboard as they will be controlling the boat while attending to guests and keeping the experience lively.

Should You Rent A Private Yacht In Miami FL?

If you’re still deciding on renting a private yacht in Miami FL, just know that even though it comes with a hefty price tag, there are a lot of benefits to it. From having access to water sports and activities right on the boat, to have a crew catering to your guests, and even the amazing scenery sure to be viewed by you and your guests. It is a really great experience, and it can be planned to be an entire trip in itself with food, activities, and water sports. Knowing all of the above information makes finding a private yacht and renting a private yacht while knowing what to expect very easy.

The Bottom Line

Overall, when it comes to private yacht rental in Miami FL, there’s a lot of information that you might need to know. Everything from the basics such as yacht size, party size, and pricing will be found above. It’s also important to know what to expect as far as crew, activities, and yacht etiquette if you’ve never been on one.

It’s always best to prepare as much as possible for your yacht rental and know what you’re walking into before going. The yacht rentals in Miami FL have many different options to choose from that you are sure to find one that’s perfect for your situation.