What Is A Foreclosure And How Does It Work?

Properties in the 2017 Foreclosure Sale will have a tax that is at least 3 full years delinquent (the full 2014 tax). If bank believes auction will not recover a good price, bank may buy the property at auction. At least 21days after the date when the Notice of Sale is recorded the property can be sold at a public auction. Answer: At our most recent court hearing, on 5/3/17, Judge Margaret Holden Palmietto asked if Carol waived her right to an attorney.foreclosure

The minimum bid includes what is owed on the tax, interest, penalties and foreclosure costs and some liens. For general information concerning active files go back to Foreclosure Property Search. As a Secured Party Creditor you can eliminate your credit card debt and stop foreclosures.

Financing a foreclosure purchase can be complex and might require the use of non-standard loan products. Foreclosure of the tax lien is the last resort, but is seriously considered after all other remedies are exhausted even when only one (1) year is in arrears.

Foreclosure allows the lender to take or sell the person’s house by first getting a court’s permission to do so. All types of foreclosure require public notices to be issued and all parties to be notified regarding the proceedings. If it is approved, the holder of your mortgage agrees to accept the proceeds of the sale and to cancel the mortgage.foreclosure

Or, the lender can ask the court for the right to have their own real estate agent list your house for sale. If you can answer yes” to each of these questions, buying a foreclosure could be a good choice for you. A judicial foreclosure allows the lender to get a deficiency judgment against the borrower.