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Purchasing your very own Florida residential real estate property when you plan to settle down in the region is quite easy – that is if you know what comes with it. Knowing all the facts, requirements, and legalities in purchasing a home in Florida will help simplify and expedite the acquisition process without any extra effort on your end. For more information about my services for buyers of new construction homes in the Tampa real estate market, visit my website, E-Mail Me or, for immediate action call me at 813.263.6806. If you have a copy of the Florida real estate sales associate examination candidates information handbook, it breaks down the Florida real estate exam for you.

Half the problem is that most of the people taking the exam for the first time don’t know how tough the Florida real estate exam is. No one tells them. One of the best things about Florida real estate is that you are guaranteed to have attractive tropical place at your fingertips.

Therefore, this provided a buyer with an added motivation to really bargain for a purchase price that might even end up being below the appropriate market rate. The statute of limitations for the Florida Seller’s Disclosure Law is five years in Florida. If you do not take the post license class and renew your new Florida real estate license the first time, Your Florida real estate is NULL and VOID.

However, many people do not have enough deductions to make itemizing their taxes worthwhile, and this benefit is lost if the homeowner cannot itemize their taxes. If you are in doubt, get yourself approved for a real estate license BEFORE you enroll in real estate school.

One hundred and ninety seven people took their Florida Real Estate Broker’s license exam at a Pearson Vue testing center for a second or more, repeated, time. If you need help passing your Florida real estate exam, call Kathy at 407 822 3926. Initially only Sarasota High School students were allowed to participate, but its popularity became so great that admission was eventually opened to youngsters from the wider Sarasota area.