When is it worth using hose slings?

  • 26/09/2020
  • Nereid
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The hose slings, or circular slings, are made of polyester. For this reason, they have similar properties and application to webbing slings. However, there are slight differences between them. When is it worth using hose slings?

Features of slings made of polyester

The hose slings are made of polyester. The most important advantages of polyester slings, including hose slings, are, for example:

  • low own weight with high lifting capacity,
  • high flexibility,
  • possibility of very easy and quick assembly,
  • no destructive impact on the cargo,
  • no attachment points, fastening only with a load strapping,
  • high resistance to the negative effects of liquids such as acids, oils and greases.

Despite the undoubted advantages, the disadvantages are also noticeable:

  • possible mechanical damage of the slings,
  • operation at a maximum temperature of 100oC,
  • low resistance to alkali.

Features of hose slings

Compared to the webbing slings, the surface of the hose counterparts is smoother and slippery. This ensures that the risk of damage to the transported cargo is minimized.

They are also distinguished by flexibility. For this reason, they are used when lifting objects in the so-called “haul”. It is characterized by the fact that the load is secured by tying it. The features of the hose slings mean that they are used for such lifting. They deteriorate much slower and are made of a slicker material.

Thanks to the hose slings, you can carry very small items, as the shortest working length is only 0.5 m (with webbing slings it is 1 m). For this reason, they are more versatile.

In addition to the above features, the hose slings are narrower than the web slings. This is noticeable when heavy tonnage belts are needed. For example, the width of a 5-tonne webbing sling is 180 mm, while the width of the hose is only 70 mm. They are distinguished by greater thickness. This provides convenience when using multi-leg slings, because then there is little space on the hook.

The use of hose slings

What are the applications of the hose slings? The most important feature of hose slings is tying them around the transported load. For this reason, they are used for:

  • carrying elements that are not equipped with hooks,
  • placing columns and pillars in a vertical position,
  • transporting pipes and shafts,
  • manipulation of elements with delicate or painted surfaces.