Want a vacation to Phuket, Thailand? First Read the 7 Tips Here

Have a vacation plan to Phuket, Thailand? Phuket is indeed famous for its exotic beaches that are truly enchanting. The expanse of soft white sandy beaches with clear sea water so the daily scenery there. What’s more, Phuket was recently named one of the 10 best tourist destinations in the world in the 2019 Travelers’ Choice Award.

No wonder this Thailand region has many 5 star hotels, one of which is the Aetas Hotel. If you want to book a room online at Aetas hotel, you can visit http://residence.aetashotels.com

Not only rich in Thai lodging is also famous for a favorite vacation spot for foreign tourists. Well, for those of you who want to vacation in Phuket, there are special tips you should know beforehand. Any? The following vacation tips to Phuket, Thailand.

1. The best vacation time to Phuket

Typical of the coast, the weather in Phuket is not much different from the weather like in Bali. If you are entering the hot season around April to June, then Phuket will be very dry. However, if it enters the wet season from July to November, Phuket will rain continuously.

Well, the best vacation time to Phuket falls in December to March, which is the transition month from the rainy season to summer, so the weather in Phuket will feel cooler. So, you can have a more comfortable vacation without having to be hot or rain on.

2. From the airport to Phuket can be reached by taxi

The distance from Phuket International Airport to Patong Beach reaches approximately 40 km. There are several alternative transportation options that you can choose to get to Patong Beach from the airport. Starting from the minibus, taxi, and meter metered taxis.

If you choose the minibus, each person will be charged around 100 Baht. However, the trip using the minibus only reaches Phuket Town and you have to continue the journey by returning to the minibus to get to Patong Beach. Although cheap, driving by minibus will certainly take a longer trip.

Instead of lingering on the road, you should use a taxi to save time traveling. If you use a metered meter taxi, you probably will pay around 800 Baht. Indeed, it is much more expensive, but it is more effective than taking a minibus, right?

3. Phuket Town is a cheap place to stay

If you are confused about finding a place to stay, then you can choose to stay in the famous area of ​​Phuket Town to install room rates per night at a low price. Another advantage when you stay there is the ease of finding public transportation making it easier for you to visit tourist attractions.

Apart from Phuket Town, you can also stay at a beach area like Patong Beach. In a way, this beach is one of the busiest areas in Phuket. No wonder you will find many places to stay at varying prices. Ranging from cheap to luxurious ones too.

4. Rent a motorbike while in Phuket

The most comfortable exploring Phuket with a motorbike. Why? In addition to lower rental rates, motorbike driving makes it easier for you to look around Phuket city more closely. For motorbike rental prices there are around 200 to 250 Baht per day. Tips for those of you who want to rent a motorbike in Phuket, look for a reliable motorbike rental because the guarantee of motorcycle rental there must use a passport.

5. For Moslem, be careful when looking for halal food

Now for Moslems, it is advisable to be more careful in finding halal food. Because, several restaurants in Phuket, including fast-food restaurants, do not provide halal food. Rather than halal yet guaranteed, it would be nice to look for Arab and Indian-themed restaurants in the Patong Beach area.

6. Booking a one day trip for island traveling in Phuket

Upon arrival at Phuket Airport, you will immediately be greeted with various tour package offers. If you have not had time to look for it while still in your country, then you should choose a tour package offered by the hotel where you stay. Because usually, the tour packages offered by the hotel are a bit cheaper and of course security is guaranteed because they take along the name of the hotel itself.

Don’t forget to book a one day trip for island hoping in Phuket. Island traveling means you get on a boat to move from one island to another. So, in one day you can visit several islands at once. Not only that, but usually you will also get facilities such as snorkeling, canoeing, and others. Well, the price of the island traveling in Phuket for one day on average ranges from 700 to 1500 Baht.