The Florida Real Estate Exam, Analyzing The Questions Correctly

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has released the pass fail results for the Florida real estate examination for June of 2013. Applicants who have passed the state’s licensing examination can now print their licenses by just logging into their secure online account with the Department at This will allow new licensees to enter the work force at least 7 to 10 business days early, whereas, in the past, they would have to wait for the license to arrive in the mail.Florida Real Estate

Wholesaling in my humble opinion should not be you only focus and main business, it is great as a start but i strongly recommended continuous education in to other niches and strategies such as; buy & hold, fix & flip, seller finance purchasing, These are a few of the tried and tested that will put you in a good position and earn you the true title of Real Estate Investor.

With years of enthusiastic student reviews and successful pass rates after attending its popular weekend state exam prep course for salesperson and broker, real estate schools and colleges will refer their pre-license students to IFREC to ensure passing the state exam.

Look for an agent that can walk you through the entire process from A to Z. You want someone who is an expert in your area, and who can break down complex real estate jargon into easy-to-understand terms so you know exactly what’s happening at every stage of your home purchase or the sale of your home.

I’m pleased to report that not only have many city and county leaders throughout Florida already indicated essential services can be preserved under this plan, the leadership in both the Republican and Democratic parties in the Florida House of Representatives has also vowed that education funding will remain unharmed as a result of these changes!Florida Real Estate