Factors that must be taken into Account in Condominium Investment

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# 1 Reputation and Credibility from Developers or Developers

The credibility of the developer and also the manager of the condominium should also be of your concern like Anchorvale Crescent EC

Do not let you invest in a condominium and work with developers and managers who have a bad history of working with previous investors.

Be careful if the developer or manager has been entangled in legal issues related to various violations that have been committed in the past.

Clear and thorough checks on the legality, status of the land for the construction of the condominium building, payment schemes, profit sharing, and all legal black and white agreements.

Ask for a clear list of rights and obligations of the investor and also the association or condominium management.

# 2 Pay Attention to Audit Results

In a condominium investment, you as an investor need to ensure that you must get an audit report from the condominium.

The report is accountability in the form of management control where every year, you will get the results of the audit.

Also, make sure that the audit is carried out by a credible public accountant so that the report provided is maintained objectivity.

Public accountants will usually provide more objective accountability reports.

The better the reputation of the public accountant, the more reliable the performance results.

All information presented from the results of the audit should be obtained by the investors. That information contains the reasonableness of the benefits obtained each month.

In other words, the results of this audit report are a guarantee of the agreement process that they have carried out from the beginning of the investment carried out.

# 3 Details in the Condominium Development Agreement and Licensing

Understand this problem by reading local regulations governing the ins and outs of licensing the construction of the condominium.

Understand each document’s completeness in the process of obtaining a construction permit.

Starting from an analysis of environmental impacts, commitments to use water quality, management commitments to develop the economy of residents, and so on.

In addition to information, residents often resist development because they are deemed to have a flawed licensing procedure.