7 Reasons Why Records Management Is Important

Records Management With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, the existence of archive management that is carried out properly and correctly will bring great benefits to the agency. One of the important roles of archives is as a record of activity information, memory centers, decision-making aids, and also evidence of the existence of an organization. Therefore, archive management is needed to support administrative activities more efficiently, from data collection, archive borrowing, to restoration and archive preservation.

In addition, archive management is also carried out so as not to be scattered and to avoid lost documents. Even so, the archive management process is still often ignored and considered less important, because there are still companies that have not carried out archive management properly, which is caused by a lack of knowledge in the archives field. On the other hand, the lack of human resources that act as functional personnel can also disrupt the company’s performance activities.

To overcome this, it’s a good idea to know some of the reasons for managing records owned by companies or agencies. By knowing some of these reasons, later you can find out which archive management solution is right for you. There are several reasons why companies need to record information, which is in line with the reasons for managing records. Some of these reasons include:

Personal reasons

In general, humans will store data or something that is personal and has an important function. For example, a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, or even a love letter or writing about everyday life such as a diary. It’s simple, but storing and maintaining it properly is one of the reasons for managing records in a smaller environment.

Social reasons

As social beings, humans certainly have the instinct to expand their social interactions. From these social activities, new documents related to the social activities carried out will appear. Examples include a membership card as proof that you are a member of a community or community organization.

Economical Reason

In the world of business or trade, you will also be related to archive management, for example, such as ownership of proof of purchase, bonds, share ownership certificates, or also warranty cards when buying a product. You need to keep this evidence for a certain period of time until eventually the value of the information contained in it decreases or even runs out.

Legal Reason

The reason for managing this archive is related to documents that are considered useful as a basis for the government to protect rights and serve the community. In addition, recording this information is also a form of sovereignty of a country.

Instrumental Reason

Documents or archives that are intentionally created for certain interests and functions, be it for private companies or government agencies. The archive can be in the form of an area site plan or a housing plan that must go through a professional archive management process.

Symbolic Reason

The reason for managing this archive is usually related to the function of a document or archive as a marker of an important moment for the person who owns it, although sometimes the information contained in it is not well understood by the person concerned. Examples include a collection of stamps, letters, and other symbolic documents.

Reasons for the Development of Science

Another reason that makes humans record information is for scientific reasons, which are usually in the form of research results such as scientific journals, research reports or books containing proof of theories. The information contained in it is expected to be useful for the development of science in the present or in the future.

Online Services For Your Company’s Records Management Solution

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