How To Boost Your Career in Sustainable Construction

One of the emerging sectors that will have a huge need for jobs and workers in the next couple of years is the sustainable construction industry. As the world is now pushing for net-zero targets to improve sustainability and energy-efficiency, sustainable building projects are becoming incredibly popular. Homes and commercial property will need to meet green standards in order to pass regulations. Not only will new property be affected – many people are having their property retrofitted in order to improve energy-efficiency, even in older homes. Green construction skills are now more needed than ever before.

Boosting your career in the sustainable construction industry is now easier than ever before, especially when many governments have published initiatives in order to boost the industry. Construction professions such as fitting solar roof panels and installing insulation are some of the best green skills to have in the construction industry at the minute. Green training for construction workers is currently being funded in many areas, such as the UK. Starting your career in the eco-construction industry is now easier than ever, and you could receive funding in order to get your NVQ green qualification.

What are the benefits of doing green training? 

Green training is one of the best ways you can kick start your career in the sustainable construction industry. Green training allows you to develop the necessary green skills that will help you onto sustainable building projects – this means that you have more opportunities for work, and could possibly earn a lot more money! Luckily for you, if you’re a construction worker in the UK, you can access green training for free. Even better, if you’re in London, the area has just got NVQ funding that has not been in place since 2016. Make sure that you don’t miss out on funded green training if you’re a UK construction worker. 

Grandfather Rights are ending…

If you’re a construction worker in the UK, you used to be able to get your CSCS card through a one-time assessment – however, this is ending in 2024. This means that you will need to get your NVQ in construction, so you can access your CSCS card and therefore get work on-site. However, across the UK there is NVQ funding available so you can level up your career, so make sure that you look for NVQ funding in your chosen occupational area to see where you can boost your career in sustainable construction. 

Start your sustainable construction career today!

Your life could completely change once you make the decision to embark on a sustainable construction career – you could gain access to better work, and make more money. You will also be playing your part in helping the planet too. The emerging green economy means that green jobs in construction will be highly sought after – so you could gain a lot of opportunity by embarking on work in the sustainable construction industry. Take the steps to start your construction career in the eco-friendly sector today – you won’t regret it.